Everything you should know before flying Frontier Airlines


Frontier Airlines is known worldwide for its connectivity and services. Before trusting the Frontier Airlines, passengers must have an understanding with various aspects of the Frontier Airlines to make their flying experience more convenient and more easily. Check the important facts which you must know about Frontier Airlines.

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Baggage Allowance in Frontier Airlines

One personal item, such as a handbag, tote bag, diaper bag, kids backpack, laptop bag, or backpack with maximum dimensions of 14 x 18 x 8 inches, is free to bring on Frontier flights. It is essential to remember that handles, wheels, and straps are included in these measurements. You can add extra luggage on Frontier Airlines by paying extra.

Facilities you can select in Frontier Airlines

According to the Frontier website, strollers and seats are free of charge if you are flying with a little child. The cost to check or carry on a bag varies depending on its weight, where you’re going, and when you’re going. 

The best course of action is to utilize the pricing tool when you book your flight because it’s very hard to estimate on the bag price page. If you wait until you reach the airport, the cost will increase. 

When making a reservation, Frontier encourages all customers to select their seats. You won’t be required to pay more for seats if you bought the WORKS or PERKS package. In the event that you paid for a Basic Fare but did not select your own seat, Frontier will reserve a seat for you based on availability at check-in.

You can Select Priority Boarding in Frontier Airlines

If you purchase a bundled ticket (more on that below) or pay for a carry-on bag, you are eligible for priority boarding. However, priority boarding standards vary for Frontier. It is indeed complex. 

There are varying costs associated with each level. I was given the option to add priority boarding at $5.99 each trip while checking out, but I decided against it since I could only bring a carry-on bag. Make sure to look out for an offer at checkout if you value priority boarding and don’t want to pay for a carry-on bag.

Eatery, Drinks, and Entertainment in Frontier
Frontier Airlines does not provide free snacks or drinks. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase in a variety of options. You won’t find any entertainment on board when traveling with Frontier. TV, movies, Wi-Fi, and even electrical plugs are not accessible at your seaside in Frontier.

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Frontier Customer Care Service

According to Customer Service Frontier’s website, you may reach them at:
Support via phone: 801-401-9000. Only mileage members, travelers traveling within the next 24 hours, and passengers who have finished their trip within the previous 24 hours are eligible to use this option.
Live chat is available 24/7. 

Feedback Form: scroll down to submit inquiries or complaints.
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Social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook under the handle @flyfrontier
prior to the phone line’s availability being decreased, during the research for this piece,

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