Custom Serum Boxes Are What Your Serums Need and Deserve

Serums are a product widely spread in most of the industries of the US. All the brands that sell serums have adopted Custom serum boxes to improve their product quality. Why is that? This is because serum boxes effectively package your products and enhance the visual charm they possess. 

Beauty companies specialize in serum selling, which means their products indirectly serve cosmetic purposes and customers. A beauty product needs visual glamour to resonate better with the audience that intends to buy cosmetic products. The market is saturated with beauty brands that are rushing to steal the spotlight amidst the large sea of competitors. Custom serum boxes wholesale grant you a wide variety of options ranging from printing customization to material selection. There is an infinitely large variety of customizations possible to tailor your custom box according to the needs of your serum. 

In this blog, we will have a detailed overview of why serums require custom boxes for their packaging, and why do they even need boxes. Furthermore, what are the commercial advantages of custom boxes, how will the brand benefit from this step and why would there be development of a larger customer base due to these boxes? All of these questions will be discussed in the following blog. 

Customization of Serum Boxes

There remains a large variety of customization options available for you. When provided with such a large variety of options, you can create custom serum boxes with logo that perfectly match the needs of your serum. With the rapid progression in packaging awareness and options, it is possible for you to perform printing customizations and crafting customizations. 

All of these improvements will add up to create perfection in your product. When mentioning possible customizations, noteworthy are printing customization, embellishments, and material selection.

Printing Customizations

Of course, your custom box is printed, and you get to decide what will be on it. You can print your brand logo and name on it, as a basic first step. Then you can add various illustrations and graphics that make it more eye catching. 

Moreover, you can make the box more about your serum, by including the serum name, serum ingredients, serum type, serum purpose, and even user instructions for the proper use of that serum. All of these details will make the custom serum packaging boxes and your brand seem more professional and expert in the beauty industry. 


There is an array of multiple options of printing techniques that can be used to achieve the desired box customization:-


  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing 
  • Screen printing

Each of these techniques has its own perks, so you will have to decide for yourself which suits your box and serum needs better. 


Embellishments can be used to achieve what printing the boxes alone can not. The custom boxes require that specific luxurious and attractive look which can not be achieved by relying on printing alone. 

Custom serum boxes wholesale employ the usage of embellishments to make the box stand out even more, which is half the purpose of manufacturing custom boxes. The renowned embellishments include:-



  • Debossing
  • Handles 
  • Hangtab
  • Die-cut window 
  • Book tab 
  • Foil stamping 
  • Custom labels 
  • Custom stickers 

These add-ons specifically improve the catchiness of the serum, because the serum is what the customer needs but you need to make the product irresistible for the buyer. 

Material Selection

Similar to the variety of customizations available in printing and embellishments, there are also variable options to select the material that will constitute your box. But it is recommended that Custom mailer boxes wholesale are used to package your serums. This is because serums are often packaged in glass bottles or plastic bottles which are vulnerable to breaking and rupturing simultaneously. 

This means that the serums specifically need rigid and sturdy packaging to match their sensitive requirements. This need is fulfilled by mailer boxes which are made of rigid material and protect the sensitive serum inside. 


You can also make your Custom serum boxes resistant to moisture damage by coating them with protective layers. With all of these customizations, you can create the perfect box for your serum and protect it from all sorts of damage, even during shipping. 

So contact a reliable and renowned box manufacturer today and get the ideal design you want your serums to be packed in. Take the local market by surprise with the new brand marketing strategy. 

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