The 5 Best Hoka Shoes for Nurses 2023

Nursing can be a physically demanding job. From being on your feet for long hours to carrying patients and equipment, your feet need a supportive and comfortable shoe. That’s why the best Hoka shoes are such an invaluable asset for nurses. Hoka shoes are designed to offer superior cushioning and arch support while remaining lightweight and stylish.

In this post, we’ll go over the top-rated Hoka shoes of 2023, so you can make an informed decision when selecting your next pair of nursing shoes. We’ve also included our top recommendations for the best shoes for nurses, regardless of which Hoka shoe you select.

The 5 Best Hoka Shoes for Nurses 2023

  1. HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7 Womens Shoes
  2. HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Clifton 8
  3. HOKA ONE ONE Rincon 3 Womens Shoes
  4. HOKA ONE ONE Womens Shoes
  5. HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 5 Textile Synthetic Trainers

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7 Womens Shoes

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The Bondi 7 is the best HOKA shoes for nurses in our opinion, making it our top option overall. These sneakers boast the most soft cushioning available on the market, and they are available in eight different colorful color combinations. The HOKA brand is already well-known for its high-end padding, but the Bondi takes things to an entirely new level in this regard. Additionally, the American Podiatric Medical Association has validated the design by bestowing their Seal of Acceptance upon it.

The chafing and tightness in your Achilles tendon are both avoided thanks to the memory foam collar. In the meantime, TPU overlays contribute to the comfort and shape retention of the shoe. Additionally included is HOKA’s Meta-Rocker technology, which, as you move from one step to the next, gently rocks your feet rather than producing painful impacts.

  • Seal of Acceptance from the APMA holder
  • Extremely fluffy and comfortable padding
  • Easily carried and with a looser cut
  • Rubber outsole that is both sturdy and flexible for enhanced stability
  • Upper made of a highly breathable mesh material

Buy on Amazon:   $220.00

HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Clifton 8

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The Clifton have a more stable cushion than the Bondi do. These shoes could be a good option if you’re looking for some support without losing mobility. The shoes’ high abrasion zones ease stress on the knees and ankles, and the added protection for the toes provides peace of mind on the job.

The shoes are available in a wide array of colors, from the classic white to more daring hues like green and red. They share the same APMA Seal of Acceptance as the prior choice. The heel tab makes these a breeze to slip on, and the flat design helps keep your stride steady.

  • Properly distributed padding for a suppler experience
  • Areas of high abrasion are useful for relieving stress
  • Various Mechanisms for Stability
  • Safer toe box reinforcements
  • No more jolts with the help of Meta-Rocker technology

Buy on Amazon:   $236.00

HOKA ONE ONE Rincon 3 Womens Shoes

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The Rincon footwear features bright, deep hues. They are a bold addition to any wardrobe! Even those with broad feet can wear the newest styles (for additional options, check out this compilation of wide nursing shoes). Although the midsole is thick and has a stabilizing function, the shoe as a whole is surprisingly light.

The pull tab makes it simple to put on and remove these shoes. Airy and lightweight mesh makes up the single-layer top. The design’s thinner tongue also contributes to the product’s reduced bulk and weight. There was an emphasis on airiness in all the decisions.

  • Sizes range from regular to broad
  • Feature incredibly vivid hues
  • Easy on the body but strong in support
  • Able to withstand even the most rigorous transitions
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh upper

Buy on Amazon:   $254.96

HOKA ONE ONE Womens Shoes

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These shoes, however, may be too expensive for some nurses. But if you’re willing to pay a little more money, they’ll last for years. The tough leather upper has a shock-absorbing structure. A detachable, cushioned insole sits atop an EVA midsole.

The integrated Meta-Rocker technology makes it easier to take a stride forward. Meanwhile, the springy rubber soles will help you use less energy. The tests showed that they had excellent slide resistance.

  • Durable, long-lasting leather shoes
  • Extra-cushioned, removable foam insole
  • EVA cushioning in the midsole
  • Lined with a breathable fabric
  • Sole made of high-traction rubber

Buy on Amazon:   $253.99

HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 5 Textile Synthetic Trainers

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The Arahi brand is well-known for their featherweight and comfortable footwear. The J-frame construction guarantees consistent support for both your heel and side of your foot. The cushioned heel collar and tongue work together to keep your foot securely in place without causing any irritation.

The padding also serves as a form of defense against any hazards on the job. The roomy toe box of this shoe could be a plus for those who suffer from bunions or have bigger feet. The upper of the Arahi 5 is even more permeable than that of its predecessor.

  • Specifically crafted for those who tend to overpronate
  • Heel and side stabilization technology
  • Locks in the foot with a padded upper
  • Extremely lightweight and supple

Buy on Amazon:   $301.32

Buying Guide: The Best Hoka Shoes for Nurses

When it comes to choosing the best Hoka shoes for nurses, there are several different factors to consider. It’s important to look for comfort, durability, traction, fit, and breathability, as well as style, price, weight, shock absorption, and support. Here is a short guide to help you determine which features are the most important and to help you make an informed decision.


The most important factor to consider when selecting best Hoka shoes for nurses is comfort. Look for shoes that provide good arch support, cushioning, and a good fit. The shoes should contour to your foot and not cause any rubbing or pinching. Additionally, some Hoka shoes offer enhanced cushioning technology to provide additional support and shock absorption.


Best Hoka shoes for nurses are designed to withstand long periods of standing and walking on hard surfaces. Look for shoes that are constructed with high-grade materials such as leather, mesh or other breathable materials. Additionally, check for soles that provide good grip and traction while you’re on the move.


In addition to comfort and durability, be sure to check for good grip on the sole of the shoe. This will provide stability when walking or running on a variety of surfaces.


It’s essential that your best Hoka shoes for nurses fit properly and don’t cause any uncomfortable rubbing or pinching. Make sure to measure your feet before purchasing and refer to a sizing chart if available.


Nurses are often on their feet for long periods of time so it’s important that their shoes have ample breathability. Look for shoes with mesh or other breathable material that will keep your feet cool and dry while working long shifts.


At the end of the day, it’s important that you’re comfortable with the style of the shoe you select. Choose from lightweight slip-on or lace-up designs in various colors and patterns depending on your preference.


Cost should always be considered when selecting your best Hoka shoes for nurses. Consider your budget when comparing different options in order to get the best value without overspending.


If you’re going to be wearing the best Hoka shoes for nurses regularly for long hours on your feet, look for lightweight designs that won’t add too much strain on your feet and reduce fatigue throughout the day.

Shock Absorption:

Many Hoka shoes feature shock-absorbing technology for added foot protection and comfort while walking or running. This helps reduce impact on hard surfaces and can prevent potential injuries in the long run.


Proper arch support is key for preventing injuries while nursing so make sure the Hoka shoe provides enough support for all-day wear. Look for options with adjustable lacing systems or removable footbeds so that you can customize the fit according to your needs.

FAQs: The Best Hoka Shoes for Nurses

What size of Hoka shoes should I buy for nursing?

It is best to measure your feet and consult a sizing guide to ensure that you select the most appropriate size for you. Generally, Hoka shoes run true to size.

Are the Hoka shoes specifically designed for nurses?

No, Hoka shoes are not specifically designed for nurses; however, they are designed with features that make them especially beneficial for nurses who need comfort and support during long shifts.

What are the best features of Hoka shoes for nurses?

The best features of Hoka shoes for nurses include cushioning, stability, and breathability. The cushioning helps reduce fatigue and impact shock, while the stability ensures better balance when standing or walking on hard surfaces. The breathability helps keep the feet cool and comfortable during long shifts.

Are there any special features of Hoka shoes that make them particularly beneficial for nurses?

Yes, the special features of Hoka shoes that make them particularly beneficial for nurses include the extra-cushioned midsole and soft foam cushioning system which provides superior comfort and shock absorption. Additionally, the lightweight mesh construction of these shoes helps promote better airflow and ventilation to keep feet cooler during long shifts.

How durable are the Hoka shoes?

Hoka shoes are made of high-quality material and are designed to stand up to rigorous wear and tear. So, they are quite durable and will last a long time if cared for properly.

How comfortable are the Hoka shoes for all day of standing and walking?

Hoka shoes provide superior comfort thanks to their extra-cushioned midsoles, soft foam cushioning system, and lightweight mesh construction which promotes increased ventilation. This makes them ideal for long shifts where you will be standing or walking for extended periods of time.

How much do the Hoka shoes cost?

The cost of best Hoka shoes for nurses depends on the model and style selected, however prices typically range from $120-250 USD per pair.

Is there an advantage to buying Hoka shoes over other brands for nurses?

Yes, there is an advantage to buying Hoka shoes over other brands as they offer superior cushioning, stability, breathability, lightweight construction, and durability which are essential qualities nurses need in order to remain comfortable throughout long shifts on their feet.

How long do the Hoka shoes last?

Best Hoka shoes for nurses are known to last for many months if taken care properly; however this depends on how often they are worn as well as the type of surface you are wearing them on each day.

Are there any special discounts available on Hoka shoes for nurses?

Yes, some retailers may offer special discounts on certain models of best Hoka shoes for nurses from time to time; however it is always best to compare prices across different retailers before making a purchase decision.

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