Top 5 Best Football Shoulder Pads 2023 – Ultimate Guides & Reviews

Playing football is a great way to stay in shape, have a good time with your friends, and even make a career out of it. As anyone who has ever played the game can tell you, it also requires best football shoulder pads to keep you safe and make sure you can perform at your best on the field.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best football shoulder pads of 2023. We’ve taken into account factors such as comfort, protection, breathability, and price to help you find the perfect set of shoulder pads for any level of player. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, you can be sure you’ll find something that suits your needs.

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Schutt Sports Varsity XV HD Football Shoulder Pad


CHAMPRO Youth Scorpion Football Shoulder Pad

$60.38- 69.93

Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder Pads


Schutt XV7 Best Football Shoulder Pads


Riddell JPK+ Football Shoulder Pad with Back Plate


Schutt Sports Varsity XV HD Football Shoulder Pad

best football shoulder pads

The Schutt Sports Varsity XV HD Football Shoulder Pad is the perfect accessory for football players who demand superior protection. The shoulder pad features high-density EVA foam with a clavicle channel system that allows for increased absorption of impact around the AC joint.

Designed to be low profile, the Schutt Sports Varsity XV HD Football Shoulder Pad was crafted with mobility in mind. This shoulder pad epitomizes the concept of pro-level standards in terms of its unprecedented lightness, making it suitable for quarterbacks and wide receivers alike. The QB/WR model is equipped with an attached backplate and a smaller arch cut, reducing the amount of plastic that could inhibit your movements on the field. The arch cut offers an optimal range of motion and versatility.

Overall, the Schutt Sports Varsity XV HD Football Shoulder Pad is the perfect accessory for football players who want a combination of protection and mobility. The premium quality foam delivers reliable protection when you need it most, while the low profile design will help you move freely on the field. With its QB/WR model, you’ll have an even better experience as you move around and make plays. It’s truly designed with players in mind, making it a must-have for any serious football enthusiast.

Key Features:

  1. High-density EVA foam for impact absorption and durability
  2. Clavicle channel system for greater impact protection around AC joint
  3. Low-profile design for improved mobility
  4. Lightweight construction
  5. Attached backplate
  6. Smaller arch cut for maximum range of motion

Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Adjustable front clavicle pad areas for custom fit protection
  • Accurate sizing and measurement points
  • Mid-range priced pad option
  • Only one strap to secure on each side
  • Shape provides a greater range of motion


  • Could be too small for some players, especially those with a large or tall build.
  • Additional back plates and hardware accessories are needed to ensure full protection against impacts during games, adding extra cost to the purchase.
  • Padding might become compressed after multiple uses, reducing its level of protection over time

CHAMPRO Youth Scorpion Football Shoulder Pad

best football shoulder pads

The CHAMPRO Youth Scorpion Football Shoulder Pad is an excellent choice for young athletes. With a cantilever design that disperses impact and shock, the pads maintain their shape and structural integrity while protecting players with high-impact polyethylene construction. The pads’ 1-inch wide elastic straps allow players to adjust their tightness, providing a secure fit that conforms to the chest while allowing freedom of breath and movement. Plus, for added convenience, the easy-release system allows players to easily unhook the straps without assistance. Additionally, the shoulder pads can be customized with attachments such as backplates and neck collars (available separately) with the help of pre-drilled holes. Available in 7 sizes that fit all young players up to 180 pounds, CHAMPRO Youth Scorpion Shoulder Pads are perfect for any aspiring athlete.

Key Features:

  1. Durable construction
  2. Secure fit with adjustable straps
  3. Easy release system
  4. Customizable design
  5. 7 size options

Pros and Cons


  • Very Protective
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Fits Well
  • Comfortable


  • Not suitable for all sizes/shapes of children
  • Can be difficult to find the right size
  • Could be too bulky for some users

Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder Pads

best football shoulder pads

The Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder Pads for Kids and Juniors are the perfect fit for young football players looking for protection against the rigors of the game. These shoulder pads offer superior protection with varsity-level technology while still providing the fit for youth players. Not only are they light and low-profile, so they won’t inhibit movement, but their easy maintenance makes it super simple to keep them clean and in great shape. The laceless design and durable buckle straps provide a dependable fit every season that won’t break or slack. The belt and buckle size adjustment system ensures a snug fit while eliminating any unnecessary straps.

These pads are ideal for both parents looking to provide maximum protection for their junior players, as well as coaches looking for quality gear that their team will be able to use all season long. Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder Pads are reliable, protective, and comfortable – everything you need in a shoulder pad.

Key Features:

  1. Varsity protection for youth players
  2. Lightweight protection with a full range of motion
  3. Removable padding for easy maintenance
  4. Laceless design and buckle straps for durability
  5. Belt and buckle size adjustments for reliable fit

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Easy to slide on and off without any problem
  • Allows range of motion and ease of catching
  • Constructed with quality materials
  • Low profile for added protection


  • Straps may need extra holes to adjust for a tighter fit
  • Pads initially appear very small compared to other brands

Schutt XV7 Best Football Shoulder Pads

Best Football shoulder pads

The Schutt XV7 best Football Shoulder Pads, QB/WR, Football, Black, Small is an ideal choice for quarterback and wide receiver athletes looking for the highest level of protection. Featuring a back attachment plate and a smaller arch cut for increased flexibility and protection, these shoulder pads provide improved mobility for quarterbacks with the help of swivel front connectors. Furthermore, these pads offer next-level protection with their Energy Lock redundant padding over multi-layer high density EVA body cushioning.

Overall, the Schutt XV7 Best Football Shoulder Pads, QB/WR, Football, Black, and Small are a great choice for athletes who need high-quality protection and mobility on the field. The combination of the back attachment plate and swivel front connectors gives quarterbacks an improved range of motion while Energy Lock cushioning helps provide maximum protection during tough plays. Whether you are a quarterback or wide receiver, these shoulder pads will be an excellent choice to take your game to the next level.

Key Features:

  1. Ideal for QB/WR athletes
  2. Equipped back attachment plate
  3. Smaller arch cut for flexibility
  4. Swivel front connectors
  5. Energy Lock redundant padding
  6. Multi-layer high-density EVA body cushioning

Pros and Cons


  • Perfect fit for 5’10” 145# person wearing a small size
  • Ideal for a quarterback or safety player
  • High-quality construction and protection
  • Absorbs shock and impact effectively
  • Durable materials ensure longevity


  • Not ideal for other positions besides QB and safety
  • No indication of thickness or quality of material
  • Lack of customization options for individual preferences

Riddell JPK+ Football Shoulder Pad with Back Plate

best Football shoulder pads

The Riddell JPK+ Football Shoulder Pad with Back Plate is the perfect choice for athletes looking for pro-level protection and performance. Featuring integrated RipKord Technology, this shoulder pad helps to absorb and disperse impact during play. The STAC Shoulder Pad System provides anatomically correct protection to keep you comfortable and secure. The riveted back plate complements the shoulder pad, giving added support along your spine and upper body.

The Air Management Liner System allows for airflow through the shoulder pad, keeping you cool during intense activity. The removable adjustable channels allow you to customize your fit for added comfort and a secure fit. These features make the Riddell JPK+ Shoulder Pad with Back Plate an ideal product for athletes of all levels.

This shoulder pad comes in two colors: black/red and white/black. It’s available in medium size to ensure a perfect fit. Its durable construction promises long-lasting performance and reliability, making it an excellent choice for any athlete looking for superior protection on the field or court.

Overall, the Riddell JPK+ Football Shoulder Pad with Back Plate is the ideal choice for athletes seeking pro-level protection. With its integrated RipKord Technology, STAC Shoulder Pad System, riveted back plate, air management liner system, and removable adjustable channels, athletes can be sure that they have unsurpassed protection while playing their favorite sport or participating in any other physical activity.

Key Features:

  1. Integrated RipKord Technology
  2. STAC Shoulder Pad System
  3. Riveted Back Plate
  4. Air Management Liner System
  5. Removable adjustable channels

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Affordable price
  • High quality materials used
  • Very durable and reliable


  • A little pricy

Buying Guide For Best Football Shoulder Pads

When choosing the best football shoulder pads 2023, it is important to consider each of the following product features: size, protection, weight, durability, movement, ventilation, style, fit/adjustability, price, and brand.


You must select shoulder pads that fit properly to provide adequate protection and maximum comfort. Make sure to measure your size before shopping so that you can pick the appropriate size pads. There should be no gaps between the body and the pads for them to provide optimal protection.


The amount of cushioning and protection provided by the pads depends on the level of play and position being played. For instance, a quarterback may need more protection than a wide receiver. Look for shoulder pads made with high-impact foam padding and hard plastic caps to protect against hard hits.


Make sure that the shoulder pads are not too heavy as this can slow you down on the field. Lightweight shoulder pads are typically best for players who require speed and agility such as wide receivers or running backs.


Check how much wear and tear the pads can withstand depending on your level of play. Look for pads that are made from durable materials that will last through multiple seasons without having to be replaced too frequently.


The shoulder pads should be flexible enough so that you can move freely without being hindered by large amounts of padding or stiffness. Look for special elastic straps for flexibility or ventilation holes in order to reduce restrictions in movements.


Make sure that there is adequate ventilation included in the design of the shoulder pads in order to reduce overheating while playing football. This is especially important for players who tend to sweat a lot or play in hot weather conditions.


Consider what style of the shoulder pad is most suitable for your position and playing style. Football shoulder pads come in various shapes and sizes and some may specialize in certain positions or styles such as lineman or linebacker shoulder pads.


Consider whether or not the shoulder pad fits comfortably when worn with other equipment like a helmet or jersey. Look for adjustable straps and buckles so that you can customize the fit according to your body type and preferences. Additionally, make sure they are easy to put on and take off quickly and easily when necessary.


Compare prices between various brands as some may offer better quality or performance at a lower cost than others. It is important to consider all aspects of the product before making your final decision; however, it is recommended that you invest in higher-quality products to avoid having to replace them too often due to wear or poor performance on the field.


Different brands may have different reputations when it comes to producing high-quality football shoulder pads so do some research before purchasing any specific brand’s product. Read customer reviews online if available to get an idea of which brands offer superior performance at reasonable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Football Shoulder Pads

What are the best football shoulder pads for a specific player’s body type?

The best football shoulder pads for a specific player’s body type would depend on their size, position, and level of play. Lightweight shoulder pads should be used for skill positions, while heavier and more protective shoulder pads should be used for linemen. Players should pay attention to the size chart and fit guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

How do I measure myself to ensure I am purchasing the right size shoulder pads?

To ensure you purchase the correct size shoulder pads, you should take several measurements of your chest, shoulders, waist, and hips. The manufacturer or retailer should have a size guide available that will guide what size to buy based on your measurements.

Are there any special features that make one set of shoulder pads stand out from the others?

Some special features that could make one set of shoulder pads stand out from the others include adjustable straps, molded foam padding in strategic areas for protection and comfort, integrated impact zones designed to absorb shock from collisions, and breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking properties.

Are football shoulder pads difficult to put on and take off?

Football shoulder pads are usually not difficult to put on or take off; however, the straps can sometimes be challenging to adjust properly when putting them on. Paying attention to the fit instructions provided by the manufacturer can help ensure you get a snug and comfortable fit.

What safety features should I look for when shopping for football shoulder pads?

When shopping for football shoulder pads, you should look for safety features such as adjustable straps for a secure fit, padded sternum, and collarbone protection, lightweight construction to reduce movement restrictions while providing adequate protection, integrated impact zones designed to absorb shock from collisions, and breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and dry during long periods of play.

Are there any special shoulder pad materials or new technologies that make them safer?

Yes, there are special materials and new technologies available that can make football shoulder pads safer and more comfortable to wear. Some newer technology includes breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking properties, brushed linings for increased comfort against skin contact, airflow ventilation channels for improved air circulation and cooling effects, and integrated impact zones designed to absorb shock from collisions.

What is the difference between youth and adult football shoulder pads?

Youth football shoulder pads are typically lighter in weight than adult shoulder pads because young players tend to be smaller in stature and require less protection than adults do; however, youth shoulder pads still offer adequate protection from impact when fitted correctly. Adult football shoulder pads tend to be heavier in weight due to the added protection they provide against impacts from larger players at higher levels of play.

Are there any tips or tricks for getting the best fit possible out of my football shoulder pads?

Be sure to follow the sizing instructions provided by the manufacturer: measure yourself before buying a pair of shoulder pads and use their size chart as a guide when selecting one that is best suited for your body type and size. Make sure you adjust all straps properly before wearing your shoulder pads in order to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit without any gaps where impact points may enter through unprotected surface areas such as around your neck or chest area.

Is there a certain type of football shoulder pad that is best for my position?

Typically, running backs and wide receivers tend to prefer lightweight but durable shoulder pads designed specifically for speed positions while offensive linemen tend to prefer heavier-duty models that offer maximum protection against high-impact collisions with defensive linemen during scrimmaging exercises. Quarterbacks will usually opt for mid-weight models that offer ample protection without hindering mobility during passing plays or pocket movements within the pocket area of scrimmage situations.

Are there any warranties offered on football shoulder pads?

Most companies offer some type of warranty on their football shoulder pads; however, it is important to check with the manufacturer prior to purchasing as warranties vary depending upon the brand of product being purchased. Generally speaking, standard warranty policies cover defects in material or workmanship—though it’s important to read through all terms before purchasing to understand how long coverage is valid for.

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