Are There Any Special Dietary Options for order food in train?


Traveling by train is a quintessential experience, offering picturesque views and a sense of adventure. However, for many passengers with dietary restrictions or preferences, finding suitable food options can be a challenge. Fortunately, railway authorities and food vendors have recognized this need and have introduced special dietary options to cater to a diverse range of tastes and requirements. In this article, we will delve into the various special dietary options available for ordering food on trains.


1. Vegetarian Cuisine:

Vegetarianism is a dietary choice embraced by millions worldwide, and order food in train catering services have acknowledged its popularity. Vegetarian meals offer a variety of options, including regional delicacies and international cuisines. Passengers can enjoy dishes such as vegetable biryani, paneer tikka, and mixed vegetable curry, prepared with fresh ingredients and authentic spices.


2. Vegan Delights:

With the growing awareness of veganism, many travelers seek plant-based options while journeying by train.

Vegan meals are free from animal products, including dairy, eggs, and honey, providing a compassionate and sustainable dining choice.

Railway vendors offer vegan alternatives such as lentil soup, tofu stir-fry, and vegan biryani, ensuring a flavorful and satisfying experience for vegan passengers.


3. Gluten-Free Fare:

– For individuals with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, consuming gluten-free meals is essential to maintaining their health and well-being.

– Railway catering services have introduced gluten-free options, ensuring safe dining experiences for passengers with dietary restrictions.

– Gluten-free meals feature dishes like quinoa salad, grilled fish with vegetables, and rice noodles with tofu, allowing passengers to enjoy delicious and nourishing food without compromising their dietary needs.


4. Low-Calorie Choices:

– Health-conscious travelers often seek low-calorie options to maintain their dietary goals while on the move.

– Railway menus include low-calorie meals that are light, nutritious, and satisfying, catering to passengers’ wellness preferences.

– Low-calorie dishes may include salads, grilled chicken breast, steamed vegetables, and fruit platters, providing a guilt-free dining experience for health-conscious individuals.


5. Jain Cuisine:

– Jainism, an ancient Indian religion, follows strict dietary guidelines that prohibit the consumption of root vegetables and certain other ingredients.

– Jain cuisine adheres to these principles, offering meals that are devoid of onions, garlic, potatoes, and other restricted items.

– Passengers can savor Jain delicacies such as Jain thali, stuffed parathas without onions, and sabudana khichdi, ensuring a culinary experience aligned with their religious beliefs.


6. Child-Friendly Options:

– Traveling with children can be challenging, especially when it comes to mealtime.

– Railway catering services provide child-friendly meal options that appeal to young palates and meet nutritional requirements.

– Children can enjoy meals like pasta with tomato sauce, vegetable cutlets, and fruit smoothies, making train journeys enjoyable and hassle-free for families.


7. Special Dietary Requests:

– In addition to standard menu offerings, railway authorities accommodate special dietary requests from passengers.

– Passengers with specific dietary needs or allergies can pre-order customized meals to ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

– Whether it’s a gluten-free, dairy-free, or nut-free meal, railway vendors strive to accommodate individual preferences and dietary restrictions to the best of their ability.



train food is no longer limited to standard menu options, thanks to the diverse array of special dietary choices available to passengers. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or health-conscious traveler, railway catering services cater to a wide range of dietary preferences and requirements. By offering an extensive selection of meals tailored to individual needs, railway authorities ensure that every passenger can enjoy a delicious and satisfying dining experience while journeying by train.


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